What We do

GMP Training Services

GMP Training for Officers and Technicians

GMP Training, On-Job Training, Document Preparation Training for Officers and Technicians.

GMP Training for Directors and managers

GMP , GMP-Business relation, Benifits of GMP Compliance, GMP Culture.

GMP Consulting

GMP Document Review Services

We help the firms in designing their documentation system to meet international standards of US FDA, WHO, EU, PICS, TGA, ICH Q7, MHRA. The documents shall include QMS, Batch documentation, Validation, Recording forms and formats and SOPs and all relevant /associated GMP documentation. We review the firms SOPs for performance and compliance. We provide the firms prototypes ( templates ) of few SOPs based on which the firms are expected to prepare and expand their SOPs.

GAP Analysis

We identify gaps between written Procedures and actual Practices of Manufactuing and Packaging operation to comply the GMP requirements.

GMP Audit and Inspection

We conduct GMP audits/inspections to verify the compliance status of the manufacturer and suggest improvements. The types of audits that are covered here include gap analysis audits and mock inspections to assess the preparedness level for GMP inspections. 

Branding Services

Digital Presence

Branding Service Team is a distinct blend of exceptionally experienced experts from Pharmaceuticals and Digital segments. Specialists of these center segments gives capacities required to Position Company’s Profile at right plateform.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is very important factor for Contract Manufactures to get right projects.